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Roomba Dashboard - A cli dashboard for irobot create 2

Background: Roomba-Dash is a cli dashboard for the IRobot Create 2 platform. I got the roomba because I wanted to build a security robot for my home.  Since I was not familiar with the capabilities of the Roomba, I build a dashboard to understand the sensors.

Demo of the dashboard driving a Roomba.
Dashboard Details: The dashboard is primarily used to get all the useful sensor data from the roomba. In addition it can also be used to send some of the commands to the Roomba. Particularly it can change between the different roomba modes (full, safe, passive). There are a couple of gauges that provide data about the current, volts and charge of the battery.  The batt. level gauges also provides the battery level as a percentage but shows it as a graph over time.
Motor current gauge shows the current drawn by the motors. Encoder, Rotation shows the various encoder (L,R), Radius, Angle and Distance travelled. This is requested about 3 times a second and they reset on every call. The IR cod…

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