Installing Facebooks FlashCache on Fedora Root

Step 1: Download and compile the flashcache

Step 2:  Install the flash cache and modules to the initramfs drive

dracut --install "flashcache_load flashcache_create flashcache_destroy flashcache_setioctl dmsetup" initramfs-3.5.1-1.fc17.x86_64.img --force

Step 2.5 Install a hook to load the flash cache volume before bootup. During initqueue/finished stage

Step3: Change the /etc/fstab and grub config to point to a new file system eg. /dev/mapper/cachedev

Step 4: Reboot and drop into dracut shell

Step 5: Create the new flashcache volume

Step 6: Reboot. 

Bare Bones me for more.


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